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πŸ¦„ What does The Unicorn Emoji in This Site Mean πŸ¦„ ?

So, I have been using for about 8 months. I am really amazed by one of the "8th Wonder" around the world : The unicorn emoji πŸ¦„πŸ¦„. I did some research and I have many explanations.

Here are some of my personal opinion:

  • ( Generally in Chatting ) Sometimes Unicorn Emoji means that someone is trying desperate to convince you that something that is fake is actually REAL. arth is flat
  • Unicorns are often describes as freedom, magic, purity, innocence and healing. But this doesn't make any sense for a dev blog sites primary emoji.

  • A Unicorn developer/designer is a person who can design and code. Like a full-stack developer.

Unicorn Developer

  • Some people often use it as a super-like / rare / unique button.
    It leads people giving both heart and the unicorn emoji.

  • (Killer Point) : A developer who can do the full job is called a unicorn πŸ¦„ Developer. So, in, a blog explaining about a topic from A-Z with decent explanation should deserve a πŸ¦„.

So, does this blog deserve a unicorn ?? :3 :3

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Phil Suggars

Thanks for posting this as a recent member of the site, I’ve been totally confused by it as well. I came to the conclusion that it was’s currency 🀣