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Why We're Not Publishing A New Episode This Week

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Dear Ladybug Podcast friends,

We’re writing today to inform you that we won’t be publishing an episode this week. We strongly believe that the death of George Floyd and the protests happening across the country are of utmost importance. We are taking this week to remember not only Mr. Floyd but all Black people who have been unjustly killed.

We have donated our sponsorship profits from the next episode in support of Campaign Zero. Donating is just one way we can help the Black community and we encourage all of our listeners, if you’re financially able, to do the same.

We’re taking this week to educate ourselves about anti-racism and hope you will too.

Racism is not a “United States” issue: it’s a world issue. We all have a responsibility to stand against racism and support the Black community. Our Black friends and colleagues are hurting. Are you listening?

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It would be great if we can all just get along.


Yes. However, not looking the other way when people's rights and lives are being systematically abused would go a long way to achieve that. What's sad and infuriating is that a man had to be brutally and callously murdered, and there have been too many lives lost this way, too many people abused and ignored, for too long.