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Lakshya Thakur
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Crazy Tabbing !!

This video is for all the web devs/enthusiasts who might be interested in knowing how basic keyboard accessibility using tab/shift+tab work across different sites.

This is more of a walkthrough through many sites where we will see some issues and some UX/accessibility blend.

Technical content :-

📌 How order or flex-direction for display:flex elements impacts accessibility ?

📌 What are skip links that you see on some websites ?

📌 Why outline:none alone impacts visualization of focused elements ?

📌 How box-shadow can be used in for more flexible focus ?

Sites covered

Dev : -

📌 GitHub

E-commerce : -

📌 Amazon
📌 Walmart
📌 Flipkart
📌 Myntra

Social media : -

📌 Twitter
📌 Facebook
📌 LinkedIn

Streaming : -

📌 YouTube
📌 Netflix
📌 Amazon Prime

Bonus : -
📌 Animeccha 😉

P.S. - Pardon me for using accessibility word where instead usage of outline would be better. It's a long video but I hope it's fairly insightful. Also this was created just for fun. There are people who work dedicatedly to tackle accessibility issues in much depth.

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