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How to install AirCrack-ng on Windows 10

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First Step: Download and uncompress the Aircrack-ng file. Personally, I prefer to move the .rar file to the desktop to have a more clear working area. If your web browser does not ask you where to save the file, then just go to your "Downloads" section of your file explorer.

how to uncompress the file.png

This is how it should look:

Download and uncompress the file.png

Second Step: Determine if your Windows architecture is 64-bit or 32-bit.

How to see the architecture of your Windows.jpg

You should get something like this:

This is the architecture of your Windows.jpg

Third Step: Go to your 'Local Disk (C:) and open the folder "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" depending on your windows architecture. Since my Windows is 64-bit I will choose the 'Program Files' folder.

Directory where the Aircrack-ng folder must go.png

Then, copy and paste the Aircrack-ng folder that you uncompressed before inside the "Program Files" folder.

The Aircrack-ng folder should look like this inside the "Program Files" folder.

How the Aircrack-ng should look in the folder program files.png

After pasting the "Aircrack-ng" folder inside the "Program files" or "Program Files (x86)" you have to go inside of that folder.

Once inside the folder you will have to open the "bin" folder.

Open the bin folder inside the Aircrack-ng folder.png

Depending on your Windows architecture you will choose the folder according to your Windows. In my case I chose the "64-bit" folder since my Windows architecture is 64-bit.

Depending on your Windows architecture you will choose either 32bits or 64bits .jpg

Once inside your corresponding folder, you will have to copy the address of that folder as it is shown below:

Copy the directory address.jpg

Fourth Step: Now, you will have to go to "This PC" properties once again.

How to see the architecture of your Windows.jpg

Once you get the window below, you will have to left click on "Advanced system settings" as it is on the picture shown below.

Now click on Advanced system settings.jpg

Now you will have to click on the button that says "Environment Variables..."

Click on Environment Variables.jpg

Once you got inside "Environment Variables" you should get a screen just like this:

Click on New.jpg

Once you got this window, you will have to click the "New" button pointed with the arrow.

In this new window, you have to write (path) inside the "Variable name:" box. Then, you will have to paste the address that you copied before in step #4 inside the "Variable value:" box. All the procedures are shown below.

Set variable name and variable value.jpg

After that, just click "OK" on all the windows that are open. Also, click on "Apply" if you see the option.

Final Step: Go to your desktop and press the keys "Ctrl + R" to open the "Run" program. Inside "Run" type "cmd" as it is shown below.

Press Ctrl + R and then type cmd.jpg

Then press "OK"

You should get a window like this one below

Type aireplay-ng on the cmd.jpg

Now that you have opened the "cmd" you will have to type "aireplay-ng" inside the "cmd".

Then, press enter.

If you get something like this then you are ready to go..jpg

You should get a set of information just like it is on the picture above.

Now you are done and ready to use it.

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