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How to get started with Web 3.0?

A complete starter guide for you.

Web3 Ahead

Web3 is all around us right now, it is not hard to find solidity developers that are being paid as much as $150k/year. I am a web3 enthusiast and also planning to learn it from scratch. I have been through lots of road map guides on youtube, articles on medium, posts on social media.

After doing all that I have figured out a way/road map for myself and I am sharing it here. Hope you will find it useful too. 🤞

First of all, wtf even is web3?

Web3 is the next phase of web development that may be powered by blockchain at its core. The modern web we know today is ‘web2’ and is largely controlled by big companies like Google, FB, etc.

Web3 reverses that, dividing the power from these companies into users and creators. Today big companies own our data and make a profit from it, in the world of web3, no data owner, its community and this may be due to blockchain.

If you want to get some deeper insights about it you can refer to the official Ethereum documentation.

Ethereum documentation

Now once you have some idea about the fundamental need of the web3 you can start with official whitepapers of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Just google it and you will get that. But don't get overwhelmed by the technical terms used in those papers just focus on the broader concept.

For the math behind a blockchain, you should check out the YouTube channel called 3Blue1Brown.

There are mainly 2 different kinds of blockchain developers:

  • Core blockchain developers design the architecture and security of a blockchain system.
  • Blockchain software developers use the core web foundation and architecture built by the core developer to create decentralised applications (DApps) and web applications, as well as smart contracts.

And most of the companies require the second type of developers i.e. developers for the development of DApps and smart contracts.

Now DApps can be further divided into two parts first one is the front-end development and the other is back-end development, front-end development is the same as the traditional one. But the backend part is tricky here one has to communicate to the blockchain for the data and transactions and this happens with the help of Solidity language which is the official language of the Ethereum platform.

For frontend development, you should learn Javascript or Python. Which allows you to interact with Ethereum blockchain using web3.js and web3.​py accordingly. There are various tutorials available on Youtube as well as on FreeCodeCamp to learn those languages.

For the solidity you may visit they do provide a fun way of learning solidity after completing it all you will require is practice.

If you are going with python then there is a comprehensive tutorial on FreeCodeCamp for smart contract development.

FreeCodeCamp for smart contract development

And if you are following the Javascript way then there is a Youtube channel named Dapp University.

Then comes the crucial part of developing some projects. For this, you can again refer to Dapp University and FreeCodeCamp. They have some amazing tutorials about developing a DApp from scratch and some of the project ideas (Or I will come up with that 😉) too.

That’s all for now, Thank you for your time!

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