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Codeless Automation Testing: What, Why & How?

We are witnessing an agile transition through small and big enterprises alike. Without a doubt, Automation testing has become a need of the hour. Selenium automation testing empowered automation tester to expand its test coverage. However, the skillset required to leverage Selenium is also escalated, if compared to manual testing. You would have to learn a programming language in order to work with Selenium WebDriver or Selenium Grid. Selenium IDE though has been a different story.

Note- HTML escape is used to represent special characters in HTML code. For example, < less than symbol > has a special meaning in HTML markup language. This tool will convert a string to HTML entities or convert HTML entities to plain text.

Launched in 2006, Selenium IDE has been a revolutionary tool that allowed manual web testers to perform codeless automation testing. With Selenium IDE, web testers were able to record their web interactions with the web browser and playback those interactions. For those who weren’t well versed with the programming languages were rejoiced with the arrival of Selenium IDE. As now, they could automate their daily or repetitive rounds of cross browser testing by leveraging codeless automation testing!

But what is codeless automation testing? Why is it important for teams? How is codeless automation testing performed? Well, to answer it in simple words, I thought of coming up with an infographic. Here it is!

If you’re new to Selenium and wondering what it is then we recommend checking out our guide – What is Selenium?

Note- The HTML Unescape {html.unescape()} method helps us to convert the ascii string into html script by replacing ascii characters with special HTML characters. This tool will convert HTML entities to a string or convert plain text to HTML entities.

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To know more, refer to our blog on What Is Codeless Automation Testing And Why It Is The Future?

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