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What Are Cypress Fixtures? | Setting Up Cypress Fixtures | Cypress Tutorial | Part IX

In this Cypress tutorial for beginners, you’ll learn “how to set up Cypress fixtures” and “write a test that uses stubbed data.” Try LambdaTest now

Know more on LambdaTest Cypress Testing-:

Cypress provides a directory named fixtures, which can store multiple “JSON” files representing test data. This is useful for tests that must read the same data over and over again. Thus, fixtures enable data-driven automation in Cypress by saving the test data in JSON format. In this video, Chris DeSilva (@desilvadev) helps you understand "how to use fixtures in test scripts?" Furthermore, you are going to learn how to add Cypress fixtures to mock up some test interactions of the application, which will run locally on your machine.

You will also learn 🎫 -:
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🔹How to set up Cypress fixtures?
🔹How do you add fixtures to Cypress?
🔹How to create and use fixtures in Cypress tests?
🔹How to use the fixture in test scripts?

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