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How To Add Jenkins Controller & Agent Node for Windows | Jenkins Tutorials | Part VI

This is Part VI of the Jenkins LambdaTest Tutorial series wherein Moss (@tech_with_moss), a DevOps engineer, explains about configuring Jenkins controller and Jenkins agent nodes to overcome the limitation of a single Jenkins instance. The growing organization needs to scale Jenkins on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu, and Linux.

Jenkins agents are machines to whom Jenkins controllers can delegate the task of building projects distributed across different platforms that support Java. It allows multi-platform build and testing using the same Jenkins Server.

An agent node might be a windows machine, a Linux machine, or some other platform that supports Java; this allows multi-platform build and testing using the same Jenkins server.

You will also learn about -:
🔸 How does Jenkins connect to Windows agent?
🔸 Where does Jenkins agent run?
🔸 How does Jenkins agents work?
🔸 How do you deploy Jenkins agent and connect it to Jenkins master?

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