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All Resources to Learn AR Foundation Unity

AR Foundation makes it possible to use Unity to create ARCore and ARKit apps.

AR Foundation & Unity 01: Setup for Android

  1. Change platform from build settings to android.
  2. Go to PLayer Settings
  3. Uncheck multithread rendering + remove Vulkan from Graphics APIs + Minimum API level to 26
  4. Install Packages: AR Foundation , ARKit XR Plugin, and ARCore XR Plugin
  5. AR Session Origin game object
  6. Remove the main camera
  7. AR Session game object
  8. Create some object to the scene that is rendered in AR
  9. Build Settings and choose your phone connected with USB from Run Device
  10. Build and Run

AR Foundation & Unity 02: Setup for iOS

  1. Change to iOS

  2. Check Requires ARKit support + Architecture from Universal to ARM64 + Target minimum iOS version to 11.0.

  3. Don't do this on iOS

  4. Build and create a folder where the app will be built for Xcode

  5. Open the new files on Xcode by opening Unity-iPhone.xcodeproj file

  6. Select team

  7. Play to run the program

AR Foundation & Unity 03: Image Tracking

Learn how to place game object to a marker.

Unity AR Foundation Tutorial - Plane Detection

Detecting a plane.

Unity AR Foundation Tutorial - Tap to Place Objects in AR

Adding game object to the detected plane.

AR Session Origin contains a camera that can be tagged as MainCamera and then the default camera can be deleted. AR Session need to be created too.

This is the point where you probably want to start doing something because all the videos below talk about these same things Dinesh explained well above.

Getting Started With ARFoundation in Unity (ARKit, ARCore)

  • It's okay to use empty game object for just code placeholder
  • There is auto signin option in Unity that should remove the need to do it in Xcode
  • Run and build should work automatically after the first setup with iOS
  • Unity physics work better with bigger objects and smaller objects might have some weird behaviour.

ARFoundation Unity Tutorial | Third Aurora Augmented Reality Tech Company

Most of the projects contains three things to start with:

  1. Place objects to the ground
  2. Click events
  3. Toggle on and off AR planes and point clouds

The packages and Unity is constantly changing and different versions might affect how the things work.

In the video he creates a simple app where is UI button and then it uses point clouds (the things listed above). This is great video to watch to see how UI elements work with AR content.

COMPLETE COURSE - Learn Unity's AR Foundation

Alt Text

This video didn't explain anything new but talked about the same things as previous videos.

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