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Influential AR people I follow on Twitter

This is a list of influential people in AR industry who I follow on Twitter. I didn’t add people who just retweet but people who really gives value.

Matt Miesnieks


His recent company was acquired by Niantic. His AR journey started 2009 in Layar according to his LinkedIn. After that he started a company called Dekko which tried to develop augmented reality operating system. They made really good AR app (pre ARKit) for iPad 2 which didn't have the computing power or the sensors of the latest iPads. He also worked as an investor at Super Ventures.

Matt has somewhat active Medium profile but the quality is amazing. One of my favorite posts is this where he explains the idea behind I enjoy listening his talks and one recent to start with is this even though there wasn't enough Matt imo.

Ori Inbar


Founder of Ogmento that became FlyBy that's code was used in Tango (later ARCore) and ARKit (source is Matt Miesnieks section from "Creating Augmented and Virtual Realities" book and sorry if I misunderstand it). At the moment he is working at Super Ventures which he founded. He is also working behind AWE XR (as a founder) which is a really big and influential spatial computing event.

He has some interesting articles on Medium even though he is not that active.

Robert Scoble


Robert is doing spatial computing research and strategy at Infinite Retina which is "full-service agency" []. He is probably more popular from tech in general and not so much from AR but I included him here because it's what he is now doing.

Robert's Wikipedia page (which didn't contained anything interesting imo). He also has blog but I haven't read it to say anything about it. He have posted some good articles on his LinkedIn.

Charlie Fink


He is XR consultant, Forbes tech columnist and author. His Forbes articles are really good

Tom Emrich


Current VP of product at 8th Wall which is offering tools to create AR and VR experiences for browser. He is advisor and former partner at Super Ventures.

I like his blog and he is active writer

Should I add someone? Incorrect information? Please leave a comment to fix my mistakes.

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