What are your favourite podcasts? πŸ€” πŸ€”

Dan Newton on March 17, 2019

What are your favourite podcasts to listen to? πŸ€” πŸ€” I'll start by listing the ones I am listening to at the moment. Most of them are software eng... [Read Full]
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20 Thousand Hertz is a great podcast about sound. Debunking very interesting topics with very ... "deluxe" production quality. They put a lot of love into it.

It's not a coder podcast, but I believe this one is pretty precious. Start with an episode that sounds interesting and you'll see.


I really like "The Changelog", and another great podcast I listened to when I was beginning to write was The Art & Business of Writing by Chris Jones.

I listen to the Changelog on my way to work is engineers talking about software, what's not to like. I really enjoy the podcasts that talk about how software was handled and developed back in the day when there was no cloud.

The A&B of writing I would recommend to beginner writers. I think I listened to every single podcast it gives the experience of each writer.


I am not sure why I haven't been listening to The Changelog yet πŸ€”, I might pick it up.


Been considering listening to adventure zone as well but still have so much of critical role to go through I don't think I have time for both 😟


My favourites at the moment are ...

99 percent invisible - all about design and the things around us ... the host has the best voice - 99percentinvisible.org/about/the-s...

The Guardian Long Reads - immigration, business, crime, the arts theguardian.com/news/series/the-au...

This American Life - not all about America, just about life, this is a longish one at an hour or so - thisamericanlife.org/listen

Criminal - really interesting crime stories and interviews - thisiscriminal.com/

Death, Sex and Money - "the big questions and hard choices that are often left out of polite conversation". wnycstudios.org/shows/deathsexmoney

Reply All - about weird stuff on the internet gimletmedia.com/reply-all

Soft Skills Engineering - a weekly advice podcast for software developers - softskills.audio/

Who the Hell is Hamish - the fascinating - and devastating - life of a serial conman - theaustralian.com.au/podcasts/podc...


I might give some of these a listen, been looking for more podcasts that are outside of the software domain. Already started listening to Reply All as it is a bit less tech-focused than what I normally listen to.


It’s definitely worth it for a change of pace. If it’s all software at work, software in your side projects and software in your podcasts you start to drown


I listen to german non-dev podcasts mostly. I can't stand most podcasts, since they add too much advertising and start talking about it in the middle, pretending it's the normal conversation.

wrint.de (I made the logos for this one)






Fest & Flauschig (Spotify)



Have you tried using a podcast player? The one I have lets me skip 30 secs forward with 1 button, letting me jump over ads (Podcast addict - android).


Yes I'm using Pocketcasts and I can skip with Siri.
That's why I prefer ads at the beginning/end, easier to skip 😬


Top two are Syntax, an amazing web development podcast that's very beginner-friendly, and Darknet Diaries, which is a sites of amazing stories about hackers and digital criminals and such.


Oh thats a good one to mention. SE Daily had an episode with the host of Darknet Diaries which piqued my interest. I might give that one a try.


Strong recommend, definitely give it a try, it's super well made


I've been really enjoying Soft Skills Engineering. ~25-minute podcast weekly, where they answer viewer questions having to do with the "Soft Skills" of the workplace -- stuff like dealing with 2 bosses, or people who overwrite all your code changes, or meeting-interrupters


So I listen to three podcasts that pertain to Dev work. 1.) Dev(up) i think the full name is Developing Up and the second one is Data Skeptic and lastly, Mappyist Hour, which because I am a Geodev ( a developer that focuses on building mapping applications) makes sense to keep an ear on Geo related things.


That is the list that I originally used to find podcasts a few years ago! Lots of stuff there.


I listen to ~9 hours of Podcasts every day...so here are some of my favorites by category.





Podcasts you should listen to from episode 1:

There used to be a website you could share your OPML...but I can't remember what it was.


Syntax with Wes Bos and Scott Tolinsky.


They're entertaining and highly informative.

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