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LaTeX Cross Referencing: How to call elements?

Hello hello, how are you today?

In my last post I told you how to label the elements and I give you some conventions to refer those elements and avoid creating long names, in this post I tell you how to call those elements that you have labeled

We have different ways to call those elements

  • \ref{name} displays the number of the element which label name is name
  • \pageref{name} displays the number of the page where the element, which label name is name, is located

In some post I will write about maths in LaTeX, and as I have said, you can refer equations too. To do this you can use either \ref{name} or

  • \eqref{name} to display the number of the equation in brackets



And you get

Screenshot from 2021-06-06 11-08-18



And you get

Screenshot from 2021-06-06 11-10-58

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