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LaTeX: Numbering the pages

Hello, how are you? :)

In this post I write about how to change the style of the numbering in the pages, how to turn the enumeration of the pages into roman numbers or letters. Let's start

Many times we want to change the style of the enumeration of the page, or alter which is the first page, well, you can do it with the \pagenumbering command, as simple as that, the syntax is

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Where style can be

  • arabic: 1,2,3,...
  • roman: i, ii, iii...
  • Roman: I, II, III...
  • alph: a,b,c...
  • Alph: A,B,C...

You need to be careful with the style that you choose, notice that alph is not the same as Alph

We need to put the instruction in the preamble



Screenshot from 2021-10-11 09-46-40

This does not produce the purple line, this is the bottom of the page

You can play with the style available

Now, let me tell you that if you put \pagenumbering{style} in the preamble it is Global, this is, all the document have the same style

If we want that from a certain page until the end of the document we need to put the command in the desired page to be affected. Try the next code on your favorite editor and check what happens


I hope you notice something interesting while compiling, we are going to check it later.

This is all for today, do not forget to follow me on Twitter @latexteada

Greetings !!!

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