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Gift Egwuenu
Gift Egwuenu

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5 Ways to Make Passive Income in Tech

Many developers work a 9-5 and that's great! I do too :) But are you aware you can consistently make passive income by investing some time outside of your full-time job? In this video, I'll share proven ways of making a side income as a developer and tips on how to go about it.

⏰⌛️ Video Timestamps

0:00 Intro

0:13 What this video is about?

1:41 Content Creation

6:34 Build an App / Website

7:42 Create an E-book or Online Course

9:06 Affiliate Marketing

11:28 Freelance Projects

12:20 Outro & Subscribe

🔗 Links Mentioned

Web Monetization with Coil

Carbon Ads

List of Publications that pay up to $600

Hope you enjoy the video :)

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Toomakesense 🇳🇬

Looks educative, will take my time to watch them asap.

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Matthew Rungwe

I love the video so much, thank you hey!