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Confused on how to start

I'm starting a nonprofit that is (will be) an online network of high school students doing humanitarian work. I have a specific vision (and low budget haha), so I am trying to self-teach.

I don't know whether to start for the front-end on Dreamweaver or use Wordpress. I am a CS student, so I'm not a beginner coder, though certainly no expert. A graphic designer is going to do the layouts and graphics for the site- does that mean I translate that into code using Dreamweaver/Wordpress? Thanks!!

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Quentin Sonrel

I don't know whether to start for the front-end on Dreamweaver or use Wordpress.

Choosing a tech or framework for a project is always hard, in my opinion your choice should be balanced between something that answers your needs (for the project) and something you are (or will be) efficient with.

So my question is: why are Wordpress and Dreamweaver your two candidates?

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I'll jump in with my 2 cents.

Year and half ago I started a full stack web dev class. Literally had no clue how the internet worked or how sites were built or how they were able to retain info etc...

Been using Visual studio code from html, css in to Javascript. Tried Dreamweaver for the first time yesterday and I'm kicking myself for not trying it FIRST.

That said, don't skimp on your Javascript studies. Dreamweaver makes it SO simple compared to how I was doing it. Building each componet on it's on. Having a smart IDE that can seamlessly connect to Illustrator, Photoshop etc AND have the option to view the build in real time OR just focus on the code.

I even left Linux, in part JUST to use Adobes tools. I didn't even know Dreamweaver was still around. And when I had heard about it years ago I had no idea what it was used for. I thought doing crazy stuff to pictures!!

I'm sold. Full creative suite loaded with more tools than I need right now all super smart and work together.

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damn, just now seeing this post is from 2018. Hope ya went with Dreamweaver!

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