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We tested 3 different WordPress websites on all DigitalOcean droplets

We did comprehensive research on how different CPU models affect Wordpress website performance.

Here is a summary of our conclusions.

  • PHP depends on CPU processing power meaning if you need better performance, it is important that you pick a CPU model that has a better official benchmark score – CPU matters.
  • The number of CPU cores doesn’t affect the performance of PHP applications - PHP is not multi-threaded. The number of CPU cores will only help you handle a higher traffic.
  • PHP string functions are more expensive than math functions.
  • VPS instances with a larger amount of RAM memory have little or no impact on PHP performance.
  • The best decision will be to use a few high CPU VPS instances with a load balancer, with a separate instance for MySQL DB
  • A Standard $20 DigitalOcean droplet will give you a better PHP performance in average than a $640 DigitalOcean droplet.
  • A High CPU $40 DigitalOcean droplet will give you the best PHP performance among DigitalOcean droplets.
  • Dedicated vCPU give us more stable performance - no large loading time spikes
  • Bad programmers are too expensive.

Please take a look at original research article with charts and all the data

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Slava Abakumov

I'm writing this comment just to say "Thank you for your study, it's very helpful".

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Helen Anderson

Hi there, Articles should not primarily be used for driving traffic to an article on another website. Please post the entire article here on DEV (if you have proper rights).