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Andreas Lefkatis
Andreas Lefkatis

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Wordpress hosting: Best hosting solution for devs

Hello My hosting provider is shutting down and i am on the look for a new one.

I am looking for recommendations on where to host a simple low traffic personal portfolio site in wordpress.

It could either be:

  • Major Cloud provider: I can consider solutions like Azure, Google Cloud or AWS if its cheap enough and easy to setup
  • Shared Wordpress Hosting like or dreamhost or hostgator
  • Other cloud providers like zeit or netlify

I think what needs to be evaluated here is:

  • Yearly Price
  • Ease of initial deployment

Only mandatory requirement is to be able to have my own domain purchased independently (not from the hosting provider) and SSL certification

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Michael Schinis

AWS lightsail is straightforward to setup, use and maintain through the management dashboard. Also includes easy to set up.

In all honesty, a simple portfolio should more’o’less be covered with just a static website that you can run for pennies on any of the static content host providers like netlify, etc.

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Tom Dings

I just signed-up on this site so I am new here and I do not really know what is allowed and what's not ... But if you still need some Wordpress hosting. Please let me know.

It is free but it will help you for sure without any limitations, ads or other kind of weird things. For now please enjoy your day!