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Nikunj R. Prajapati
Nikunj R. Prajapati

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Guy's I Want to start my own YouTube channel on full stack web development , and python programming please comment some suggestions and ideas if you have i really appreciate that, and I'm happy to add you in my journey πŸŽ΅βš‘βœ¨β˜•πŸ

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Patrick Fraley • Edited
  • Modern Restfull API with Django and RestFramework
  • Modern Restfull API with Flask
  • Frontend Development with VueJS against those two API Projects
  • Frontend Development with Angular against those two API Projects
  • Async Tasks in Django
  • Collecting Data from API Usage, sending them Async to ELK Stack
  • AI Processing of the collected Datapoints
  • And this is the most important one: Security (Pentesting your webapp, Secure Development from the begininng)
  • Docker
  • Database stuff (SQL, NoSQL)
  • Git and GitFlow

Just my two cents ;) Most youtube Videos completely neglet security, and also as a full stack developer, you should know Docker, MySQL/Postgres (inkl. management and securing). Elasticsearch, Grafana for Moitoring, Jenkins for Build automation I could continue for hours ;)
Looking forward to seeing your videos :)

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Nav Pahwa
  • Implement Payment in Applications(Stripe)
  • Implement OAuth(GitHub, Google, Facebook)
  • Database Modelling
  • Twitter Bot, Instagram Bot, etc.
  • Authenticating using JWT
  • Creating a REST API
  • Creating a GrpahQL API
  • Creating Web Apps Using React, Typescript, Django, Python, Flask, or Angular
  • Deploying Web Apps Using GitHub Actions/Netlify
  • Hosting an AWS Server or DigitalOcean Server
  • Creating a Database Server

I think these project ideas will be enough for you to get a couple of thousand subscribers. Good Luck with YouTube!

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  • How to code a full fledged marketplace in less than one hour;
  • How to code a blockchain wallet for 1 or more cryptocurrencie coins/tokens;
  • How to code a website builder like Wix, or a WP plugin that does it like Elementor;
  • How to code a screen recorder that can simply record or even do livestreams;
  • How to code code a videogame using Quintus (;
  • How to code a script that will change YT video title, description and thumbnail;
  • How to code a tool to convert JQuery to Javascript automatically;

I am actually working on some of these.
Hope I gave you some ideas....
Good luck with YT!

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Agustinus Theodorus
  • How to make a serverless blogging engine.
  • Comparison on Python serverless technologies.
  • Deploying ML models for web solutions.

Good luck, hope you will be a great Youtuber someday 😊!

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Nikunj R. Prajapati

Thank you guys for suggestions 🍁