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re: PLA is not really flexible no ;) i'll snap

Damn, what shall I use to get something slightly flexible? like for instance the legs of this keycap puller (sorry first example that came to mind)

Something thats slightly flexible might work, you'd have to test it. depends on a lot of factors like infill etc. If you want real flexibility you could print rubber, but that wouldn't work for a keycap puller ofcourse

hey :) as @joppedc mentioned, PLA might break easily. I would try PETG, it has some flexibility depending on thickness and infill, but it's still strong enough to use for something like that.

Nice! thanks!

Is there some reference online that would give some flexibility/strongness measurement of these 3D printing materials based on the thickness/infill?

I don't know about such a reference, but something like this might help get a better comparison between materials:

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