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The interesting case of the `/remind` command in slack

A while back, as I was setting some reminder on slack so I would not forget about that code-review I was supposed to do, I missed type what I wanted to ask slack to remember. It showed me this help message:
@someone? really?

I'd seen this message a countless amount of time before but I don't know why I paused. @someone? Really? Can I make slackbot notify other people whenever I want? Even if I'm not online? let's give it a try, shall we!

Next, I was setting up a couple of reminders for my colleagues so they would not forget to drink coffee and take a walk from time to time to refresh their brain...

Still when concentration is maybe the most precious asset for a dev, isn't it odd that we can steal away that of our co-workers in one line?
In order to prevent any retaliation, I started using the /dnd command to turn off any notification for a given amount of time. As an occasional Pomodoro person, I must that using /dnd 25 minutes is working well.

Has anyone found a useful use case for putting reminders to other people?

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