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Dear, everyone.
This is second step of "HackInScience Python Exercises" series.
I've finished all the trianing exercises and share them on my Github.

  1. Distance
  2. Check if a number is prime
  3. Sum of every prime number below n
  4. Print every prime numbers in a range
  5. Next prime
  6. The Fibonacci sequence
  7. Exceptions
  8. Display the date and time
  9. Print the content of a file
  10. Pernicious numbers
  11. Product of iterable
  12. Count the lower 'e' in the 'words' file
  13. Is divisible by ?
  14. Frequency of letters in a file
  15. Doing HTTP requests
  16. Largest product in a series
  17. Lambda expressions
  18. Longest Collatz sequence
  19. Largest product in a grid
  20. CSV and Python
  21. Pascal's triangle

Hope my work would be little bit helpful for python beginners.
To encourage me to continue, please follow me on Github

Best Regards.

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