What is your favorite flowcharts/diagramming tools.

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A lot of times, we need to create a flow diagram to integrate two or more APIs/Systems/Interfaces or describe certain processes. Sometimes it could be internal or we need to share with a third party.

What tool do you prefer or recommend?

Feel free to recommend one due to different characteristics: friendly interface, beautiful icons, being minimalistic, etc.

My list:

  • Balsamiq More for wireframes but it is pretty
  • draw.io Pros: It has a lot of templates and types, it has good integration with google drive. Cons: it would be nice to have prettier icons and a better shared-comments system.
  • Lucidchard I just started to use it, it seems pretty nice, it has a basic free version.

Complete list including recommendations from comments:

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I found whimsical.co recently, and I have to say after a long, long search, this is the one. It's beautiful and it works.


+1 for draw.io

You can draw pretty much any diagram with it and it runs anywhere.


Use draw.io and StarUml.
Balsamiq is awesome too. Most often I use pencil and paper to draw ideas first and then transfer to the computer later.


Hey! I use Lucid chart for well, everything. Even my blog post cover images are made in lucid chart 😅 the free vertis great. It has templates for everything, and tutorials on anything related to diagramming!

Their UML tutorial is by far my most go to tutorial in the web 😂


Yep, I just started using it and I liked it, it is very pretty. Also, creating a connection between blocks is very easy.


I'll second draw.io. It's absolutely fantastic! I used it throughout college, and we use it for diagramming at my current job


Google Drawings has all the basics if you have a gmail account.


I like PlantUML for UML-ish diagrams.


Actually, I am giving a try to this fantastic tool: code2flow


This looks amazing. Good suggestion.