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100 Days of Learning - Days 16 and 17

Hello and welcome to my 100 Days of Learning challenge! Yesterday was a fun day, I started digging into Raymond Camden's guide on setting up a blog with 11ty (linked down below).

It was going really well until I tried combining tips from other resources and made a mess of the project structure, which introduced a bunch of errors. I didn't even realize I had gone so far astray, and Raymond himself helped me figure out where I'd gone wrong. (Thanks, Raymond!!)

I ended out the day with the first chunk of the project working, with a list of posts and post excerpts.

Today, I wrapped up the Eleventy guide including updating the site UI, added git, pushed my changes up to Github and deployed to Netlify. Phew! I didn't end up implementing RSS in this starter project, but I think that would be worth exploring another time. I have a much better understanding of how Eleventy structures your files, and the refresher on git/Github/deploying to Netlify was much needed.

This has been a really fun project and I'm learning a lot!

Next I'll explore using a "one click deploy" themed Eleventy starter project and poking around that. If I like what I see and can figure out how to use it, then I might just use that to set up my personal blog. Otherwise, I'll start from scratch and redo my personal site to include the new blog. It might be worth updating my personal site anyway, if only for the practice.

Here are some of the resources I'm using:

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