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Ten Minutes a Day!

li0so profile image Emilio Becerril ・1 min read

In order to help myself stay consistent with my self taught Web Dev studies, I've decided to take part in a challenge I saw someone post about on Twitter. It is a "Ten Minutes a Day" challenge where you do something every single day for a least ten minutes. The goal here is that you force yourself to stick to a routine and will typically go over the ten minutes which works in your favor. Even if you're busy or having a bad day and only work on your task for ten minutes, something is better than nothing.

As an extra bonus I've decided to blog about my daily 10MAD (the acronym I came up with lol) tasks to help reinforce what I've learned. Today I worked on some basic formatting elements in CSS. Some of the things I learned about are:

  • Text Decoration
  • Text Transform
  • Text Align
  • Font Weight
  • Font Family

My next lesson will be on some basic CSS selectors and how you can use them to style your HTML!

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