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Python continue statement

In Python code you can repeat code using loops, the most common being a for loop and a while loop.

Python continue keyword is used to jump out of this cycle, and the break keyword out of the cycle.

The continue statement is used to tell Python to skip the remaining statements in the current cycle, and then proceed with the next cycle.

The continue statement may be used in a while loop and for loop.

Python language continue statement syntax is as follows:


Flow chart:

The control flow graph (flow chart) below shows the continue use:

python continue statement

Continue Example

The example below uses continue to break out of the cycle, in both the for and while loop.


for letter in 'Python': # first instance
   if letter == 'h':
   print('current letter:', letter)

var = 10 # second instance
while var> 0:
   var = var -1
   if var == 5:
   print('current variable values:', var)
print("Good bye!")

The results of the above examples:

current letter: P
current letter: y
current letter: t
current letter: o
current letter: n
current variable values: 9
current variable values: 8
current variable values: 7
current variable values: 6
current variable values: 4
current variable values: 3
current variable values: 2
current variable values: 1
current variable values: 0
Good bye!

Another example

Python continue statement can be used to skip certain cycle, only the odd-numbered print between 0-10:


n = 0
while n <10:
    n = n + 1
    if n% 2 == 0: # If n is even, execute the continue statement
    print (n)

The program outputs:


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