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Microverse Student at 47

What am I doing at 47?

At 47 what am I doing? After two wars thirteen years apart. Then for the past 14 years helping my love through the hardest fight ever. As she fought for her three boys or um young men and two grandchildren. Brain cancer is a beast it takes allot not just from the one person. But from a growing family.

Now with the boys to guide. I am at 47 moving into the career of programming. Being from Gen X I should have been at the beginning of the computer revolution. So now when it seems that the millennials should have it on lock. I'm scratching my way back in.

Between doctor appointments and so on the last few years. I have struggled to learn on my own. With,, and I am starting again.

This time with a new startup called Microverse. Where they help you by giving you more structure and have you work with a coding partner. Then when you finish a project it is peer-reviewed by students ahead of you. They give you pointers on issues and better ways to go about an issue.
So far I have finished the HTML/CSS section of the curriculum. Adding to what I learned so far. But now it is making sense and sticking better.

Moving from a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. To now have a better grasp of using git, HTML, CSS, linters, SASS and media queries. They all still rattle me at times but I am no longer scared.
47 is just a number. It doesn't matter much but gives you more life experience.

Some of the concepts can be hard but so can life so fight through and it. The concepts will get remembered. Stored away in our brains just like the rest of life.

So at 47, I am a coding baby. Learning to walk and talk. My page is built with HTML but with CSS I can change the view of how it looks. I am learning to communicate better. Learning to guide the boys better since losing their mother. We might look like a web page from the late 90's today. But with time it will be filled with Javascript, Ruby, and algorithms ahhhhhh.

Time to sit back learn and enjoy the ride.

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Bravo! I wish you well to you and your family, age nothing but a number, as long you are willing it can be done. I plan to get enroll into microverse program , I do have little experience in programming but unfortunately couldn't achieve anything yet, and I like their program (I have done my research) and I hope to get accepted. Thank you for sharing your story.