Stuff I've Learned About Managing My Anxiety While Learning to Code

Lindsay Iveson on August 06, 2019

A little blog post about mental health, coding, and being kind to yourself. I’ve been at a Bootcamp for about 4 months. It’s been rewarding, a st... [Read Full]
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As someone who also deals with anxiety, I often have to remind myself, "no job is worth your sanity". When I'm feeling overwhelmed, I take a step back and appreciate that my mental health is worth more to me than any job.


Great article!

You make several really good points here.

My favorite statement, of several, is "coding is a journey and not a destination". That's the kind of advice I wish I'd had when I started out -and something I'll continue to repeat to myself often. I'll do my best to give credit when possible :D

I think the most impact-full aspect of your article is that of defining specific spaces (and times) for various activities. Work happens in the work space, family interaction happens in the family space, etc. Compartmentalization is one of the things that most of us neglect and yet, it's so vital to having balance in our lives.


Lindsay, this is a great reminder and something useful not only for beginners but for seasoned professionals as well. The anxiety of learning new languages and frameworks or dealing with stressful situations doesn't subside after leaving bootcamp. It persists into your career. Knowing how to deal with it early on gives you a solid foundation on which to grow. Thanks for sharing!


Great tips, Lindsay! Good luck with the rest of your bootcamp!


Fellow meditator here - you might be interested in the meditation articles I've posted on this site and at

The comparing mind is a tricky one, but worth learning to work with - sounds like you're doing a great job overall!

Thanks for this post, I am passionate about raising awareness of mental health stuff in the dev world, it's more prevalent than most of us realise.


The one about taking a break is so huge! Best of luck with your bootcamp!


Wish you a good journey, wherever it will take you!

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