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Building a culture of trust — with Metrics — at Slack

Rukmini Reddy, VP of Engineering at Slack, has a truly inspiring origin story. As a student growing up in India, she hated that all of the girls in her class were forced to learn sewing. When she was offered the chance to go to her school’s computer lab instead, she never looked back.

She joins the Dev Interrupted podcast to talk about her journey into software engineering, how she transitioned to a leadership role and what it was like to onboard at Slack during the pandemic. Her and Dan also have a lively discussion on engineering metrics and how data can provide a “shared view of reality” when it comes to making tough decisions as a leader.

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Episode Highlights Include:

  • Her journey into software engineering

  • Conquering self-doubt and imposter syndrome as a woman of color

  • Slack’s culture and core values

  • How high trust enables hypergrowth

  • Data as a way to provide a shared view of reality

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nobilitypnw profile image

Really great guest. And she has an awesome sense of humor!

nickhodges profile image
Nick Hodges

Company values seem to be taken seriously at Slack. Good for them. And she has an amazing story.