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Building a Unicorn Engineering Org at GRIN

How do you build an engineering organization that can drive your company to a billion-dollar valuation and unicorn status?

And how do you do it in an emerging and highly-competitive product category like influencer/creator management? Brent Bartlett, VP of Engineering at GRIN, joins the podcast this week to share his blueprint for success and his path to leadership.

Listen as Brent shares his advice on how to use intuition to inform data-based decision making, how he managed GRIN's engineering department during it's explosive growth on the path to a billion dollar valuation, and why he trusts LinearB to help him succeed.

Episode Highlights Include:

  • Building an engineering org in a highly competitive product market
  • How to blend intuition and data when decision making
  • Why GRIN chose to partner with LinearB
  • Institutionalizing knowledge and communication practices while scaling

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Top comments (2)

cmcclannahan profile image

Great podcast! Interesting to get a perspective from an entirely new form of business that didn't really exist in the past

nobilitypnw profile image

His bit on scaling communications practices is little talked about but crucial. Great to hear it verbalized!