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Diving Into DevSecOps (Part 1) w/ John Willis

John Willis is a legendary DevOps speaker, mentor and author of The DevOps Handbook. He even helped coin the term DevSecOps.

But DevSecOps is one of those buzzwords that can mean a lot of things or nothing at all.

In this special 2-part series of Dev Interrupted, John takes us on a DevSecOps journey from the origin of the term all the way to how software developers at the team level can implement the practice.

Listen to the full episode

Episode Highlights include:

  • What DevSecOps means at the team-level
  • First steps for implementing DevSecOps strategies at your organization
  • Why it’s critical to start thinking about security more holistically
  • The difference between Security, Compliance, Governance & Risk
  • What is coming next for software development security

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