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OutSystems: the journey to a $9.5B valuation

Paulo Rosado founded OutSystems in 2001 with a vision to give every company the power to build software fast, right, and for the future. Today, 20 years later, Paulo remains CEO and OutSystems is valued at more than $9.5 billion.

Paulo’s incredible journey is the topic of this week’s episode of the Dev Interrupted podcast. Listen to Paulo as he tells the origin story of OutSystems, how he avoided bankruptcy on three separate occasions, his advice for becoming a successful leader, and why technical debt is a growing threat that will cost companies $5 trillion over the next 10 years.

OutSystems’ Technical Debt Report:

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Episode Highlights Include:

  • Founding story of OutSystems

  • How to be a successful leader by creating context

  • Key drivers of technical debt

  • Budget costs associated with technical debt

  • The importance of building cloud ready products

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nobilitypnw profile image

I really appreciate that his journey to running a multi-billion dollar company is not a story of overnight success, but rather of 20 years of trials and tribulations. He had a vision, stuck to it, and spent decades grinding it out. He seems like a guy that is self-assured in a way to be proud of.

nickhodges profile image
Nick Hodges

Talk about vision. This guy was about 20 years ahead of his time - and it almost cost him everything. He was on the verge of bankruptcy on three separate occasions.