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Unearthing Observability with New Relic

Is observability mission critical at this point? The folks at New Relic think so. And they’re not alone, according to their recent whitepaper on observability 90% of respondents believe observability is strategically important to their business. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to understand what’s going on within software development organizations.

New Relic’s GVP & GM Buddy Brewer and SVP Greg Perotto join the podcast to discuss observability best practices, how to avoid data silos, the value of telemetry across the entire software life cycle and the five key insights of New Relic’s Observability Forecast.

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Episode Highlights Include:

  • Achieving full-stack observability
  • Avoiding data silos by consolidating monitoring tools
  • Open source adoption
  • The utility of telemetry data

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Top comments (2)

nobilitypnw profile image

Observability seems to be a growing buzzword. It's a good interview.

cmcclannahan profile image

Glad this research is being made, the amount of data produced today is crazy and it's good that companies like New Relic are trying to find out how to properly observe it all.