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Winning Wars (Literally) with Agile & DevOps w/ Adam Furtado of Kessel Run

The wars of the future will be fought with software and system architecture, as much as any other weapon. That’s why the US armed forces needed to start applying modern software methodologies at scale.

The beginning of this incredible digital transformation began in 2017 when the US Air Force started a project called Kessel Run. Leading the project then, and now Chief of Platform of over 400 Kessel Run developers, is Adam Furtado.

Translating engineering to executives is a regular challenge for many of us, but I can almost guarantee translating engineering to military officials is way harder. When he’s not explaining why DevOps matters to his higher ups, Adam spends his time scaling Kessel Run operations by building systems of systems. This week’s episode of Dev Interrupted chronicles everything Adam has learned during his journey from 5 developers to over 400.

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Episode Highlights include:

  • Effective tactics for translating engineering to non-technical people
  • Why having a mission driven culture is critical to success
  • How to continue the momentum of early wins for organization success
  • When you need to start thinking about metrics and visibility while scaling

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woshimbo profile image

Seems valid! Technology is the key to all, in various aspects. This post reminds me of funny moments in "wars" that happened here.

nobilitypnw profile image

Kessel Run is such a badass name. Guess government isn't always lame lol