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Web page loading optimization

I watched this talk:
Maximiliano Firtman - Hacking Web Performance
And I was surprised how much I don't know about the web page loading optimization.

I had already experience optimizing a web site with the Lighthouse audit, compressed images, but I didn't know about the size of the first TCP packet and the http/2 vs http vs http/3 and other low level staff.

I started web development with React, 3 years ago, coding sort of at high level. And from time to time, in need to fine tune performance, had to get down to low level - to communication protocols.

I understand now that I have to read staff, have to make my web knowledge more complete, know the basics.

What are the must-read low level staff for full-stack web app development?
Do I need to read the protocols themselves or the documentation. Or is it suffice to read articles that summarize the relevant matters ?

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