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Introducing Labforum 3.0.5 (Unstable)


After we have open-sourced our source code in Labforum 3.0 using LGPLv2, we are now taking a bigger step forward in Labforum 3.0.5 and Labforum 3.1. These updates includes fixes on regressions of threads and pages, as well as migrating API classes to use the classes in src/, which was introduced in the pre-alpha stages on 3.0 .

After we did a complete revamp of the forum, the software isn’t stable enough for normal day usage. If you need a stable-er version, please wait until we announces it.

We are asking for help because we are a small team and have to switch between different projects. Please join us in GitLab.

Our Repo


General Bug and Regression Fixes
In Labforum 3.0.5, we are now deprecating classes within api. This deprecation was due to the structural change for API calling, where api will use standardised Classes together with the frontend. Warnings will be prompted to suggest users to migrate to the classes based on src/ folder.

A partially revamped Admin Panel
We revamped the admin panel to make it look a little nicer. We did that by changing the colours used on the header. We adopted a more vibrant color to makes it look comfortable, we increased the text size of the titles to make it more visible to users.

Adopting Bootstrap 5
As the date drawing closer to the release of BS 5, we are taking early steps to migrate to BS 5 to allow us to adapt the changes made in this version update. We are now using new classes name to replace the old, deprecated ones.

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