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Replace or reduce heavy javascript frameworks

Being worked with Vue.js in recent years, I was really satisfied with the speed and performance that it brings to my programming jobs. However, recently I came up with an opinion that it brings more cons than pros by introducing frameworks like this. To be simple, it causes the page to load more heavy libraries than before.

Using frameworks is an irreversible trend as it brings the advantage of easier programming. Using modern frameworks like Vue.js or react js just increased productivity by implementing functions that is more frequently used or introducing concepts like components, and it reduced the time that programmers have to use to search for a relevant function.

However, it is a chain that makes you load many more unnecessary libraries that you don't need.

Taking Vue.js as example, when you want to use the components, you might start by loading Vue itself, then if you find yourself hating the node.js thing, you will start by finding libraries like VueHttpLoader to load components. But that just increased libraries your site has to load everytime when visitors are visiting the page, causing performance degration.

You might say, at least you still need to load jQuery or other essential libraries. Sure we aren't having the debate here for 'librariless' or vanilla javascript where programmer use zero libraries, although at times this might be the best approach. However, I think programmers need to reduce their library stacks as possible in order to make webpages load faster. Don't rely only on modern browser technologies as there are times that user is in a relatively slow internet connection.

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