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TestProject is closing down

TestProject was a test automation tool developed in Israel.

What happened?

The official announcement came through a blog post.

TestProject launched in 2017 and it stood out by not offering a paid tier.

Unlike other next-gen test automation tools, it didn't offer any cross-browser cloud.

That meant their own cloud infrastructure bill was probably small.

But it also meant that the only option to run your tests was to use your localhost or to connect to a third party cross-browser cloud provider (BrowserStack, SauceLabs, etc).

That increased the complexity and affected the user experience.

What I liked about TestProject:

  • It was no-code/low-code, that means it helped democratize test automation, making it available to everyone
  • It worked for both Web Applications (websites) and Mobile Applications (Native and Hybrid)
  • They had a nice blog where anyone could post articles

What I didn't like about TestProject:

  • No cross-browser cloud, users had to get their own infrastructure
  • Lack of stability, users often complained about the downtimes

testproject stability

What are the alternatives?

Fortunately, there are plenty of next-gen test automation tools to choose from.

Our Endtest platform is one of them. To help get your automated testing back on track, we'll help you migrate your old TestProject tests. We're also offering a 20% discount to TestProject users that start using Endtest before TestProject's EOL.

A detailed comparison between Endtest and TestProject can be found here:

Why use a next-gen test automation tool?

In general, the purpose of innovation is to drive down the complexity and cost of doing things.

A next-gen test automation tool helps you create, execute and maintain complex tests, without breaking a sweat.

The days when your team had to stitch together your own Selenium/Cypress framework are long behind us.

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sm0ke profile image

Really sad to see such an effort to simply .. die.
Any chances to release some of the work in the open-source ecosystem?

Much respect for the project. I've use it in the past.

liviufromendtest profile image
Liviu Lupei

I think it was open source.