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Hello dear. Glad to read this. I was the only female employee in companies I used to work for. Now I'm on vacation and preparing for an interview in a big prestigious company. Hope to pass it.
What job do you do? Would be glad to know about your experience.
Good luck!


Good luck on your interview! I'm a tech marketer.


How large is your company?

Update: All good, found out myself ~30


Ok, so in that case, why in your opinion does the company have such a small percentage of women?

Hard to say. The company is primarily engineers and devs, where females can be underrepresented as is, but could also be due to less female applicants in general for open positions.


Is there any small annoying things guys do that you would like them to be more considerate about?


There are always office politics, whether it's between guys or gals. I'd say, in general, all people should just be respectful of their coworkers at all times. Recognize that everyone comes from a different home, has a different story, and has people who love them. If we could all connect on a more human-to-human level I think it would make for better company culture anywhere you work.


What recommendations would you give to a company who is hiring their FIRST female engineer?


I'm sure opinions differ greatly on this one. No one wants to be the only one singled out based on their differences but, instead, the fact that ALL people are unique is something to celebrate. I'd say don't make it the elephant in the room, but don't call it out in some tacky way that makes it seem like you're overcompensating for something.

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