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Test your Laravel project easily with Phone. 📲

Hi guys, this is a small tutorial for test your local developing Laravel Web Application with your Phone easily.

1) Wi-Fi Hotspot Phone: 📶

  • Open setting on your mobile phone -> activate Wi-Fi Personal Hotspot.
  • Connect your PC to the Wi-Fi network of your Mobile Hotspot.

2) Check your IP adress by terminal: 👨‍💻

  • Windows: ipconfig
  • MacBook: ifconfig

Copy the address situated here:

Alt Text

3) Last step: 🖥

  • Go to your Laravel application project -> open terminal -> run the following command to turn on the built in server.

sudo php artisan serve --host --port 80

  • Insert your Password and well done, you have id for test your Laravel project on you mobile phone browser!

Alt Text

4)Enjoy! 🤳

Alt Text

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thaariqnst profile image
thaariq nasution

Hi, thanks for sharing. This works for me but, when i open it, it doesn't displayed as it should be (it looked like a html page without css), i'm using TailwindCSS for my framework maybe that's why?

ououssama profile image
ououssama • Edited

Hi @thaariqnst, i had the same problem i solve it by adding this option to vite.config.js file

  server: {
    host: your-ip-here
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then run npm run dev --host