What is your worst typo trigger?

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I just started to learning React and I keep type status instead of state.

// App.js with React
state = {something: 'whatever'}


$ git status

I also had a hard time with self vs this when I was studying Python and JavaScript at the same time, as well as a.length vs len(a). I heard that people using R are experiencing a similar thing.

What is yours?

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I can't type an 'in' ending with adding a 'g'. I do it constantly.

  • palading
  • /usr/bing
  • loging

Too many years of it now to break the habbit. But I have found I do it less in programming than in other forms of writing. Something about the way the braing(!) is wired while coding...


lol this is interesting... There might be just less -in words in coding. Thanks for sharing yours.


making a typo in for loops: arr.lenght instead of arr.length.
This tripped me over more than once. It hasn't happened in ages because of intellisense and a better editor setup but I'm still so focused on it.


I also used to make a similar typo.
Yes, surely editors are helpful. Never want to go back to Notepad++.


I always type "food" instead of "good", especially when it's close to lunch break


After the typo your lunch must be food good. 😝


Their is no worse typo, in my opinion, then those using there/their/they're wrong.


You just made me go through reading my post again to make sure I didn't make that typo.


Haha sorry. It was supposed to be funny, because I intentionally used the wrong one in my reply 😊

Don't worry it was funny🀣, even myself doing that was also funny.

cosnt foo = 'bar'

This one gets me every time.


lol I was even having a hard time finding what you are talking about.

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