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Leonardo Gasparini Romão
Leonardo Gasparini Romão

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SQL vs NoSQL vs both options for Web projects?

I have a question involving the choice of database technology in a specific case.

SQL vs NoSQL is a common discussion about what Database suits better for developing web projects, and we already have a lot of articles explaining the differences, advantages/disadvantages of each type of Database like the articles below.

So, in the last years, I have seen people choosing NoSQL by default, just considering the scalability as the main precaution to use that type of Databases, but they disregard all the complexity to use an unstructured schema or disregard the other use cases that NoSQL is built for like support large teams with a lot of services (and the team choice NoSQL having only 5 members).

Recently, I saw an architecture diagram for a web project using both technologies in this link and I really liked to see both technologies being used to get the best of the two worlds.

Alt Text

My question is, is really necessary to use NoSQL as default choice only considering scalability issues rather than use SQL or a Hybrid Solution?

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