Are you ashamed about your past on twitter?

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Hi developers!
Are you ashamed about your past on twitter? Would you like to have the silver bullet to all your bad reputation online? Don't worry anymore! Now you can delete all your tweets and favorites just with one program! And it's open source!!! Here you are the link:

PS: What do you think about the code? Any idea for improving it?

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An interesting idea (and one that I could probably use, especially for Facebook memories!). Looking at the code, what are your thoughts on pulling your arg parsing out into... well... an arg_parser? It seems like a single responsibility that might want to be pulled out of the main.go file. I would also probably break that function up. I'm still new to Go, but I've noticed a lot of Go code tries to "hug the left wall" in that they stray away from deep levels of indentation in favor of smaller functions.

Overall the code looks fine, though! Great work!


Yes, probably the management of args should be in another package. All the application was refactored yesterday because on the beginning it was just a single package. In my opinion, is not necessary to create a complex structure for a simple program like this one which only has 2/3 golang files. Anyway, thank you very much!


Sure, that makes sense to me too. I definitely come from a more regimented background than Go and am still learning it. It's interesting to hear the emphasis on readability and simplicity though, I do like that a lot :)

I felt just the same feeling when I started with golang but I'm still learning too!

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