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Aravind Kumar Vemula
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furne-store an E-Commerce Application

Overview of My Submission

furne-store is an Online Furniture store.
It is an e-commerce store. Where you can find all types of furniture all around the world. This is an STH (Shop to Home) Deliver Service. The website is built using MERN (MongoDB ExpressJs ReactJs NodeJs) stack.

Submission Category:

This Project comes under E-Commerce Creation

Link to Code

Live Link:

Github Links:

You can start collaborating this project throung clone this project.

For Frontend

git clone
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For Backend

git clone
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Additional Resources / Info

Screenshots of the Project

This is Landing Page
Landing Page

This is Home Page
Home Page

This is Items View from Home Page
Items View

This is Cart Page
Cart Page

This is Invoice Page
Invoice Page

This is Short Video on this Project

Technology Used:


  1. ReactJs
  2. TailwindCSS
  3. Axios


  1. Node Js
  2. Mongoose Js
  3. Express Js
  4. MongoDB

For Authentication i used oAuth Google Sign In

This is my first time building this e-commerce website from the scratch. Feel free to post comments on this project.

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