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New VR Soundscapes API

Every space deserves a soundscape

Until now, the developer has to obtain and manage the audio, choosing the exact sounds that will never be changed or updated in that specific situation.

Now, any developer can send a simple GET request with an API key, asking for a 'late-night' soundscape during a weather storm, or early-morning jungle next to a lake soundscape and get it immediately.

It will change the VR & AR development industry as it can be used on any development platform like Unity, Maya, Unreal, KeyShot, Blender, and more.
Any platform that allows the developer to use a GET request is supported.

The early adopter's free account gives you 1,000,000 requests per month at 1,000 requests per second and 50 bursts.

Detailed API Docs are here

Infinite Soundscapes

The soundscapes are infinite and seamlessly loopable, they are created daily by the thousands for many VR situations, even the same api call will return a new soundscape every time you use it.

No Royalties

SSC own 100% of the sounds that the engine creates, so once you're subscribed, you pay $0 for royalties of any kind, no matter if you have 100 or 100,000,000 active users.

Reliable & Secure

SSC uses the most secure and reliable infrastructure, your apps and games soundscapes are safe and no data collection is being done on your users or app/game.

So What Are The API Main Features?


Provides the user with incredible weather soundscapes for various types of rain, winds, thunder, and more.


Make the audio experience amazing with an intelligent menu feature for spooky, calm, inspirational, or dark menus.

Time Of Day

Let the user immerse into your app or game with sensitive time of day soundscapes, like early morning, late morning, noon, afternoon, evening or night.


Change soundscapes while moving between different environments like apartments, caves, deserts, forests, jungles, lakes, outer space, underwater, and more.

Signup for free now at:


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