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From developer to PM

It's very important to understand when you're working as a developer you focus only on diffrent project problems and trying to solve them from the point of view of the development.

So, just 4 months ago I was a frontend developer and then got promoted as a Project Manager. The list of my duties has been expanded and it wasn't easy to rebuild my mind about my work. Now I should think both about my team and client. The team is my family and I love to work with my collegues, but at the same time I need to take into considiration diffrent requests from the client side. I'm trying to do my best in order to regulate the load level on my team, but sometimes I've to fire people because it's not profitable for our company to work with them (the reasons maybe very diffrent, but anyway it's the most difficult part of my job).

I suppose here I may find some recomendations from other PMs. It's very interesting for me to collect some cool cases of your daily work, maybe you may recomend some tips/articles/books about managment in the IT sphere.

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