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SAP Cloud Platform - Machine learning With Fiori Cloud

Hello everyone.

A situation is shown where we use machine learning models to analyze everything related to Biosafety issues from the sap cloud platform.

We have created an architecture where we use various SAP Cloud Platform services including the following:

Java Server
Hana Database
Odata Provisioning
SAP portal
Fiori Cloud

Where each service allows us to create the solution that we will see below.

Detects the face mask on
Alt Text

Detect number of people in a certain place
Alt Text

Detect social distancing
Alt Text

All data is stored in a HANA database. Our architecture is decoupled and allows the use of microservices integrated into HANA.
Alt Text

We can visualize the captured image to have evidence of the biosecurity control.

We can see in the following report, all the traceability and the information collected from each person.

Alt Text

Below is a demonstration video of the solution. Where the process is explained step by step.

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