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What's your dream technical interview process?

We all know that the interview processes in tech can be pretty broken. But what's your dream process? Besides just being handed the job, obviously. What do you think would show off talents and skills necessary for the job you'd want and would be a fun and informative process for you?

I'll start. This would be for an infrastructure engineering position at a mid-to-senior level. My dream process would conversation with recruiter + manager to gauge fit for the team. Then, a time-boxed small code challenge in a language of my choice, anonymized. Then, I'd like to have a series of short-answer questions, also anonymous, that have to do with my specific field. This would be things like "Explain load-balancing", "In your experience, what are pros and cons of microservices", "How does an identity aware proxy work?" If it could be tailored to be resume, that'd be great!

If I passed those, then it'd be an "on site" half day of 4-5 interviews with the team. I want to meet people I'd be working directly with and mostly doing deep technical dives into my past work and comparing it to their specific challenges. I'd also like to meet with leader of the org, either CTO or VP to ask some questions about culture. I don't want to do any puzzles not related to the job. I don't want to whiteboard unless it is for either party to explain the architecture of a previous project better. I want to prove technical skills by thoroughly talking through problems I've solved in the past, though I'm willing to bring code from those projects if necessary.

So, what's your dream process?

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