How do you perform Code Reviews?

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Question 1

Within a large organization, I've heard that it's a best practice to limit code reviews to just a few developers that are actively working on a code base. What is your process for conducting code reviews in this setting?

Question 2

What about getting a fresh set of eyes on the code base? Do you actively try to assign reviews to those who aren't involved in the day-to-day development of the code base (or even unfamiliar altogether with the code base)?

Would love to hear your thoughts on the above!

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This is what worked for us:

  1. Simple features or quick fixes: It is just a pull request, and there has to be another person in the same team that takes a look at the diff and approved the pull request.

  2. Complex features or fixes that spans multiple repos, the a quick meeting with at least 2 other people. Simply walk through the code and talk about key decisions made and why (of course, some are in the comments).

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