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In this blog lets have a look at the working of website. The terms that we often come across in our day to day life, But many of us fail to understand the working model of it.
A website is just a collection of webpages and contains only static information. All the webpages inside the website has common domain name in the web server. Webpage just display the information to the users and dose not involve much production time.
Blogs , magazines, portfolios come under website.
Now lets see how websites work
Firstly to understand the working of websites we have to know more about components of website They are

  • Browser

  • Domain name

  • IP address

  • Registrar

  • Server
    All these components work together to have a active Website.

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For further Understanding lets consider a scenario of ordering the food online(here it is pizza)
You are the Browser, The pizza is the domain name, the app in which you order is register, the variety of pizza you give is IP address and Store is server.
The Browser(user) gives the domain name (food item - pizza) immediately the registrar (Food Ordering App)fetches the IP address(variety of pizza) from the server(Store) and then data is transferred from server( Store ) to register(App) and Information is displayed in browser(Food is delivered to the user).

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This post has quite different example that I didn't heard so far. could you please post about IP Address in your quite different style??

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yeah sure will write about it in upcoming days !