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Appwrite Cloud Functions with Dart

In this tutorial we will learn to write and execute Appwrite Cloud Functions using dart.

If you prefer a written tutorial, you can follow

Source Code

GitHub logo appwrite / demos-for-functions

Demo for Appwrite cloud functions in multiple coding languages ⚡️ 🌩

Demos for Functions

Demos for Appwrite Cloud Functions API in multiple coding langauges. Feel free to submit your PR with more functions that other Appwriters could use in their projects.

Getting Started

  1. Make sure you have a working instance of Appwrite (>=0.7), or install one.
  2. Go to your Appwrite dashboard and create a new Cloud Function (Functions -> Add Function).
  3. Once your function has been created, you can deploy one of the examples .tar.gz file in this repo. Each of these files contains a packaged demo Cloud Function, ready for usage.
  4. Trigger your new Cloud Function manually from the Appwrite dashboard using the execute button, listen to system events, or use the Appwrite API to execute your new function.
  5. Read Appwrite Cloud Functions docs to learn more about the different capabilities you can use.


To quickly get started , you can always refer to our language templates

  1. Deno
  2. Node.js

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